For most Americans, homeownership is a primary source of net worth and an important step in accumulating personal wealth and assuring financial security. Even with the positive financial aspects of homeownership, a home cannot be valued in monetary terms alone because it is so much more than just an investment. Not only can homeownership be a steppingstone to greater financial security, it provides a permanent place to call home and great personal satisfaction.

As a first time home buyer, at first it may be a little overwhelming to think about starting the process of buying a home. After all, real estate is often the largest investment that you will make at any one point in your life. And because “home is where the heart is,” it’s also a very emotional decision. Since these are such important decisions, you deserve the very best representation.

Mark and Becci have an abundance of experience working with first time home buyers. They understand what an important decision purchasing a home is and they’re ready to help you through the process.

As full time real estate professionals, they’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. They will assist you by supplying honest, accurate information so you can make well-informed decisions regarding the purchase of your home. Their goal is not to simply sell you a house, but to help you find and successfully purchase the home that best fulfills your wants and needs. Rest assured, they know the answers to all your home buying questions – from financing to closing and everything in between.

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