It is our privilege to bring you our Preferred Service Provider Directory. Contained within these pages are the businesses whose products and services we recommend.

We’ve built great relationships with many of these businesses and we believe that we can give a strong recommendation for each and every person in our directory. Although we cannot guarantee the quality of the work, product or service that these referrals provide, we believe they will meet or exceed your expectations, as they have ours. We have included more than one provider of each service whenever possible.

We hope this resource will be of tremendous value to you. Once again, we thank you for your business in the past and look forward to taking great care of you and the people you refer to us to buy or sell a home.

You are not bound to use these service providers, nor do these service providers give incentives for Mark and Becci Team to use them.

Preferred Service Provider List

EPA Certified Lead-Safe Renovation Firms (1/2016)
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